What’s inside of this box?

Hello to you all! What’s inside of this box? No more secretes, this is all of my sketch books!  I have over twenty of them if is not more and that’s not including the small pocket ones which I carry all the time in my bag.  Most of them are dated from 2008 and some are dated from early 2000 and even farther from 1997 (year that I graduate in fashion pattern making)! I try to sketch everyday and at list one to two designs. Personally, I think it is important to be and stay current with ideas to keep my mind fresh. I have religiously kept sketchbooks since I was in high school. I document everything inspiring I see, with notes, drawings and hundreds of pictures taken every month on my camera. I have many boxes filled with fabric swatches, embroideries and trims. At the end, they are references to work with. I also collect wish cards and scarves!

Best regards

Marie Georghy Jacob