Design sketch 1

Hello doll lovers! I’ve been sketching a few designs for my doll Adele and many things have crossed my mind. At first, I wanted to design something very elaborated with many ornamentations (embroidery, hand beading work and crochet). However, the fabric that I’m using is already beautifully rich. The patterns are so beautiful and should not be covered, since their scale is perfect! But, my second and main problem is: when I’m sketching an idea or a fashion design, I don’t like to feel limited.

I like to let myself feel free! I guess that this is “artist” in me who feels this way! Then, I’ll see if the design idea is workable technically. Also, though Adele has a movable neck and shoulders, she’s still a figurative doll, which limits and complicates any fashion design technically. I must make sure that I will not break any part of her after many hours making her! For the first design sketch, I was completely in  a folkloric vibe with hand beading work! More design sketch ideas in a few days. Thank you!

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