Faith is a grand cathedral…


Faith is a grand cathedral, with divinely pictured windows standing without, you can see no glory, nor can imagine any, but standing within every ray of light reveals a harmony of unspeakable splendors.

– Nathaniel Hawthorne

La foi est une grande cathédrale, avec ses fenêtres qui sont divinement illustrées, vous ne pouvez ni la voir et ni l’imaginer sans la gloire. Mais en la regardant droit debout avec chaque rayon de soleil,  vous verrai son harmonie dans toute sa splendeur.

– Nathaniel Hawthorne    

Here she is!

AMG DOLL-Manon (10)

Here is my dear Manon! I’ll post more photos of her in the next few days! Thanks to you all!

Voici ma chère Manon ! D’ici les prochains jours, je vais poster plus de photos! Merci à tous!

Monon is now complete!

AMG DOLL-Manon (4)

I am happy, I have finally completed Manon! She’s lovely and so is her name. Manon is a popular French name and is the fourth most popular one in this country and number 9 in Belgium. They say women with this name have a deep inner need for quiet and love to understand and analyze the world they live in. Also the want to learn the deeper truths and meaning of life. When I look at her, her name actually suits her well. You will see it in my next post.


Je suis heureuse, j’ai finalement terminé Manon ! Elle est belle comme son nom. Manon est un nom  populaire ne France et le quatrième le plus populaire dans ce pays et le neuvième en Belgique. On dit que les femmes portant ce nom ont une vie intérieure profonde et  calme. Elles  aiment comprendre et analyser le monde dans lequel elles vivent. En outre, elles veulent  comprendre les vérités les plus profondes et le sens de la vie. Quand je la regarde, son nom lui va à merveille. Vous le verrez dans mon prochain post.


Sewing time!


After a weekend making fittings and adjustments, it was sewing time! I love making patterns, but sewing is something close to my heart, since I started in the garment industry as a seamstress and did it for nearly 7 years! But, the very first time I touched a sewing machine I was thirteen and in High School. I had three projects to make : a small pencil case, a pair of boxers and jogging pants. I still have the jogging pants, the pair of boxers was given to one of my cousins and as for the small pencil case…well simply, it got lost over the years!

Après un week-end à effectuer des raccords et des ajustements, il était le temps de coudre! J’adore faire des patrons, mais la couture est quelque chose que je tiens à cœur, puisque j’ai débuté dans l’industrie du vêtement comme couturière pendant près de 7 ans ! Mais, la toute première fois que j’ai touché une machine à coudre, j’avais treize ans et j’étais au secondaire. J’ai eu trois projets à faire: un petit étui à crayon, une paire de boxeurs et un pantalon de jogging. J’ai encore le pantalon de jogging, la paire de boxeurs a été donnée à l’un de mes cousins et en ce qui concerne du petit étui à crayon… Eh bien, je l’ai tout simplement perdu au fil des ans!

Sneak preview of Adele’s design outfit

Hello everyone! Here is a sneak preview of Adele’s design outfit! I like the way the patterns turned out and I feel the same way for the colors. Since I am studying in textile design, I am able to make this print myself, but my schedule is way too full and since I bought this fabric a long time ago…I think it was the right time to make something nice with it. Don’t be surprise if you see this fabric in another doll design outfit or for future projects…Oops! Did I just say future projects? The answer is yes, but I can’t speak about it for now. More photos will be posted shortly  during the week.

AMG DOLL Adèle sewing design11

Adele’s outfit in the making!

Hi everyone! What a beautiful week we had in Montreal: it was sunny and hot! Though, I’ve been working a lot these last two weeks, I did take a few moments to enjoy it during my breaks. Speaking of work, last weekend Adele’s outfit was in the making! I love the entire process on making a garment: sketching, pattern making, molding, making a few corrections and sewing. I know for some of you, the process may sound a bit daunting and even annoying, especially when you have to start the process all over again! But, if you are a perfectionist like me, you don’t count hours of work, you just do it because you simply love the challenge of it! For this outfit, which is a simple tunic dress, I had to make three fittings to get exactly what I wanted and it turned out great. You will get a sneak preview of it in a future post!

AMG DOLL Adèle sewing design


Adele’s design is now final!

Hey everybody! The wait is now over and Adele’s design is now is now final! I did not want to complicate the design process, since, as you know, Adele’s neck and shoulders are articulated. However, she still is a figurative and fragile. Also, let’s not forget that she is tall 18 inches (45,6 cm) and for those who have been following me understand what I mean : the taller the doll is, the more fragile she is!Many may ask why I do not make smaller dolls, the reason is simple: I prefer taller dolls to create beautiful designs and since, I started collecting dolls in 2008, they were all tall and I wasn’t interested in smaller dolls. Period! More images will be posted tomorrow! Thank you!

AMG-DOLL adèle design (4)


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Mara Hoffman (Spring / Summer 2016 Show) | New York Fashion Week

I am taking a small brake from doll this week to enjoy and post few fashion from New York fashion week (Spring/Summer 2016).  This post is dedicated to Mara Hoffman, one of my favorite fashion designers. Mara always use ethnic designs and inspirations on her creations. All her fashion are very calm, cozy and free spirit. This collection from her was a pure delight for the soul. I love all pieces,  the were not only beautiful but peaceful and the colors nicely chosen too.Thanks to all doll fanatics for watching. I will see you soon with more fashion art dolls by the end of the week.

Source: Mara Hoffman Replay (Spring / Summer 2016 Show) | New York Fashion Week

_UMB1456_426x639  _UMB1414_426x639

_UMB1395_426x639  _UMB1653_426x639

_UMB1685_426x639  _UMB1715_426x639

_UMB1618_426x639  _UMB1798_426x639

_UMB2102_426x639  _UMB2162_426x639

_UMB2216_426x639  _UMB2193_426x639

_UMB2128_426x639  _UMB2075_426x639

_UMB1893_426x639  _UMB1959_426x639

_UMB1989_426x639  _UMB1919_426x639

_UMB1768_426x639  _UMB1822_426x639

_UMB2350_426x639  _UMB2287_426x639

_UMB2596_426x639  _UMB2537_426x639

_UMB2506_426x639  _UMB2048_426x639

_UMB2020_426x639  _UMB1592_426x639

_UMB1530_426x639  _UMB1554_426x639

_UMB1509_426x639  _UMB2472_426x639

_UMB2437_426x639  _UMB2406_426x639

_UMB2624_426x639  _UMB2645_426x639

_UMB2680_426x639  _UMB2846_426x639

All photos are  from British Vogue 2015

More ethnic fashion drawing…

When I have time, most of my favorite design sketches are drawn in color and the design comes almost “alive”! From this moment, I feel so excited that I can’t barely help myself on moving to the next steps: testing fabric, molding, making patterns, do the fitting, making pattern corrections, sewing, etc.

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (38)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (40)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (44)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (47)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (49)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (50)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (54)

More Ethnic Fashion Sketches

Normally, when I draw a fashion outfit, I use a 5,5″ x 8,5″ (13,9 cm x 21,6 cm) sketch book and if I like the design, I will draw it again in the actual size of the doll, however by using an 18″ x 22″ (45,7 cm x 56 cm) sketch book. This method helps me to incorporate all of the tiny details that I want to see on each outfit and to store all information that I need in classified records.

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (20)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (24)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (26)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (27)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (30)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (33)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (36)