Happy Mother’s Day!

In this photo, here I am with my sister Marie Dominique and are mother during the summer of 1979 in New York City.

Hello and Happy Mother’s Day! As someone once told me: you can replace a pair of shoes, a day job, a toxic friend or even boyfriend, but not a parent, especially not a mother. If there’s someone who knows her children very well, it’s certainly a mother. Like every parent, she does the best she can with what she has, since there’s no book or school to teach on the subject of how to become a parent. So, on this special day, take time to call or even better, to pay a visit to your mother and to tell her thank you.

Bonjour et bonne fête des mères ! Quelqu’un m’a dit dans le passé: tu peux remplacer une paire de chaussures, un travail, un ami toxique ou même petit ami, mais pas un parent, surtout, pas une maman. S’il y a quelqu’un qui connaît assez bien ses enfants, c’est certainement une mère. Comme tous parents, elle fait de son mieux avec ce qu’elle connaît, puisqu’il n’y a aucun livre ou école pour enseigner comment devenir un parent. Alors, en cette journée spéciale, prenez temps d’appeler ou encore mieux, de rendre visite à votre maman et de lui dire merci

Happy Mother’s Day

For this Sunday May 8th 2016, I would like to take a moment to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to every mother out there and especially, my mother, a mother of four daughters and one of my sisters, a mother of two! God knows, that you can change your friends if they don’t have your trust, you can  also switch your job if your talent is not recognized  or leave your boyfriend if  he shows no respect. But, you can not change your parents, on less they want to and especially a mother, because we simply did not choose them! Parents do the best that they can to raise and educate their children, and especially mothers. And once again Happy Mother’s Day.

Glòria a ooak doll made by Marie Georghy Jcob