Magdalena the Afro Latina!

Meet Magdalena the Afro Latina. Inspire from gorgeous black women from the Dominican Republic, Magdalena was made of a mix of Living Doll and Prosculpt polymer clay and stand 18” (45,7 cm) tall. Just to be advise you, that I will be touching on a delicate subject which is a result related to slavery and especially in the Antilles and Latin Countries in general. As Canadian of Haitian descend, I could not avoid this sensitive subject: skin color! Over the years, I have followed  racial classification, among Dominicans, has been fraught with color-ism – as a desire to avoid being cast as Afro-Dominican (synonymous with Haitian ancestry).  Sad to admit that, but more alarming,  many Dominicans are in fact themselves descendants of former African slaves. Also, many prefer to be associated as Native or of Spanish descend just in order to avoid the undesirable social mark of being perceived as black.  In an opinion article, Black lives under attack in the Dominican Republic: Why this crisis deserves our attention, written by Richard Scott Brookshire III explores the subject delicately, I can’t not tell you, that this article made me cry, but also made me tougher as a human being! As a citizen of the world, as a women and as an artist, I want to celebrate international beauty at it’s best, in all shades, in all backgrounds and in all it’s splendor. Dolls are the best way for me to express the beauty of these differences. So I say it out loud, let’s all celebrate it!!!! Magdalena was created for this reason! More photos of her will be posted, stay tuned.

Marie Georghy Jacob





Abrille Part 3

This is last the part of Abrille’s Photos! PS: I am so sorry for the quality of the pictures! It doesn’t do the doll any justice…I’m planning to buy another camera in early fall. Till my next post, Enjoy!

Marie Georghy Jacob