Front lace wig

Hello to all of you! Before I continue with this post ,I would like to offer my sincere condolences to all the people from Brussels. After watching the horrible airport scene on television, I could not be insensible. This reminds me that we’re not safe anywhere, however we must be resilient face with situations out of our control. In my own opinion, we must live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest. Now, I am leaving you with more photos of my Glòria and more of her this coming weekend! Best regards!

Marie Georghy Jacob



Glòria’s front lace wig!

Happy Sunday evening art doll lovers! My Glòria front lace wig is finally finished! Actually, I’ve been working and learning on how to make this kind of wig for a while now…almost two years now! Many of you might be asking yourselves what a front lace wig is? A lace wig is simply hair which is ventilated one by one on top of lace mesh fabric, it’s than glued in front of the person’s front head. Once the front lace wig is glued, it gives the impression that the hair is actually naturally rooted onto the person wearing the wig. This type of wig is truly loved and appreciated by many celebrities, such as, Oprah, Beyoncé and Jessica Simpson , but also by people with cancer. Even though, it takes me two days to make, not including hair styling it, I love the natural finish that it gives.