My next doll preview!

Hi everybody! Here is a sneak preview of my next doll made in Kato polyclay! More details and photos of her on tomorrow’s post! Stay tuned!



Old Memories

Hi everybody! Where does time go…we are already in November and it reminds us to be and to take time with people we love! Speaking of time, it makes me realize that old memories resurface!  Twenty one years ago, in Art class, I made this heavy ceramic statuette. All students had for mission to create a piece inspired by the relationship between humans and animals. My choice stops with this young teenager and her cat. Since this time, this young lady lost her feet and the cat one ear…My mom love this piece so much that she displayed it in her living room for a while and this until I moved out. When I look at her now, she looks a bit creepy, but who knew years later I would ended up sculpting and making dolls! Seriously, life is made of full surprises! Before I leave you guys, just to remind you, especially to all members of IADR (International Art Doll Registry), I have added a new album of my 2014 dolls. Enjoy my friends and good night!

Marie Georghy Jacob








Hello! Let me present to you Aglahé! Inspired from mix race Dutch Guiana beauties, Aglahé is made out of Cernit Flesh and Prosculpt Ethnic flesh polymer clay. She stands 18 inches high (45,7 cm), her wig is made out of high quality human hair and her glass eyes are handmade by me. Speaking of glass eyes, as you can see up close on Aglahé’s right eye, there is a crack across the middle. This problem is do to the pressure of the clay once it is cooled down after baking. I made that remark a few days ago in a previous post Fei Fan part 2 and the reason why I switched to crystal eyes.  I molded her on following Adami’s slim silhouette, but with more “sex appeal”. Also, I was a bit afraid at first on how I molded her face, I thought of ET the extraterrestrial for a moment. Sorry to say that, but seriously I didn’t know how she would turned out after baking her and I didn’t want to think on how I would paint her. I hope you like her, despite this problem. More photos of her will be posted tomorrow. Thanks and have great night.

Marie Georghy Jacob






Good evening everyone! How are all of you feeling tonight? On my part I feel good, however for  this post, I didn’t know If I needed to present my next doll…simply because she was a pain to create and yes this is do to the clay that I used at that time, a mix of Living Doll and Prosculpt. Like I explained in previous posts, Living Doll clay is more fragile, not holding as much flexibility as some other polymer clay. Also, it becomes soft and malleable too quickly, which I do not like at all. Moonies and so do cracks tend to be a problem if you are not at ease with your sculpting process. For these reasons, I had to blend this clay once again with Prosculpt and Fimo Classic, my favorite clay up to now. Anyways, this is Rachelle, my second doll created from last year. Like all my previous dolls, her blue crystal eyes are handmade by me and her wig is made with synthetic hair. Painting Rachelle was also a challenge and her blushing, in my opinion, did not turned right, it was too “pink“. Meanwhile, I think It would not have been fair, on my part, not to show her…she is part of my ”evolution” on my doll making journey and deserves the right to be seen and appreciated…

Thanks everyone!

Marie Georghy Jacob










Happy Friday! After four days off on my blog, let me introduce you to AnaÏs, my forth doll from 2013. She came to life in late May of that year and the polymer clay I used was Fimo Puppen (Beige). I was already amazed with both Fimo Classic and Fimo Soft for their firm aspect once baked, that I wasn’t worried with Fimo Puppen no matter the end result and I was right! though, It needs to be mixed with another color to achieve a more natural looking flesh tone. It was easy to knead, blend and was fairly unbreakable after it was baked. For those reasons, I was over the moon with this clay and I purchased two other colors (rose and porcelain), which I will show you in future dolls. More photos of her tomorrow!

Thank you

Marie Georghy Jacob








Hand made doll eyes in Preciosia crystal

Jane part 2

Good morning everyone! Yesterday, on presenting Jane, I forgot to tell you that she was my third doll for the year 2013 and was actually made in the month of April. Her handmade eyes are a combination of Fimo Classic polymer clay and Preciosia crystal. She also stands 18 inches (45,6 cm) tall. Sorry for the photos…my actual camera doesn’t do the doll justice and I’m thinking of buying a new one as a Christmas gift for myself. Enjoy!


Marie Georghy Jacob




Iris & Brielle

Good morning! Here are more photos of Iris & Brielle fully wigged!


Marie Georghy Jacob

Iris & Brielle





Nezha part 1

Hello everyone! May I present you Nezha! She was created in late November 2012. She’s made in 1 ½ pound of Living Doll Baby, 1/8 of Prosculpt Ethnic brown and her glass eyes are handmade by me. To be honest, I love the skin tone of this doll and her lovely face, however I am truly disappointed with this polymer clay mix: it wasn’t though enough as I would  like to be and little cracks were made around her feet and ankle. I was so sad to discover this problem…problem that I didn’t’ have with Fimo Classic. The saddest part of this story, is that I purchased all the color available from Living Doll (Terracotta, light flesh and beige) for other dolls, may I say lots of dolls and which I’ll show you on future posts. Tomorrow, I will present more photos of Nezha painted and wigged.







See you tomorrow


Marie Georghy Jacob

Changing clay (Living Doll)

Good evening! By the end of the 2012, I decided to tried a new polymer clay: Living Doll. From various forums I eared this clay was excellent and was used by doll makers worldwide. It is also perfect for beginners
and those who like working with a softer polymer clay. I agree with this, since it’s
texture is easy to work with and can be mixed with any of the Sculpey or Premo clay to create intermediate flesh colors. The color palette is more realistic than Fimo clay. However, I wasn’t quite sure with this clay since I was use to work with more brutal and rough clay. Also, I found various techniques to condition tougher clay. The best solution for me was to test this clay by creating several doll heads and others with a mix of Fimo Classic and Soft.





Thank you for watching

Marie Georghy Jacob

New set of eyes

Hi everyone! After a month of practicing more heads, feet and hands, it was time for me to create new set of doll eyes. This time, I tried to use glass eyes, but still wanted to paint irises with acrylic paints and a mix of Fimo classic and Fimo Soft polymer clay. The end result was…OK at that time. In future posts, I will show you other glass eyes I was working on.









Thanks for watching

Marie Georghy Jacob