Choosing hair for Manon


Good evening my friends! Choosing hair for  my new doll, Manon was a hard one. I had to decide what kind of hair I wanted for her. My main problem was, though she’s a continuity of my last doll Adele, I did not want her to look like her. In fact, Manon is much more taller than Adele, she’s 5o cm (20 inches) and Adele (48,3 cm) 19 inches. Manon height gives me inspiration to make her look more Rasta. And for that, I chose a synthetic curly hair with a honey color. I would had preferred using something natural, like a silk angora or alpaca, but since she’s an experimental doll and I decided to use a left over hair I had.

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Here comes Manon!

Here comes Manon, my latest beauty! After taking a week of vacation, I’m finally happy to present her! She was started a few weeks ago, actually at the end of June! Manon is a continuity of the work I did with Adèle, since both of their heads were sculpted at the same time  and with the same polymer clay: Kato polyclay. More details of her will be posted soon! Thanks everybody for following my work on various social media sites! I truly appreciate it and especially here on my WordPress page.


Adele’s wig almost done

Good evening! I’m slowly getting over the incident of Adele’s fissured leg. I will not be showing it to you, since I am distraught over the painted layer of Apoxie covering the fissure. As I mentioned in my previous post, due to this misfortune, I have no choice to totally change the design process. I will now leave you with Adele’s wig installed and almost done!



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Adele’s work in progress (continued)


Hello! On tonight’s post I will continue with the work in progress of Adele! Some of you may have seen some pictures of her on my Facebook or Google + pages! Like my previous doll Glòria, I decided to use once again Kato polyclay,  the brown color. This clay is very good, but in my own opinion,  it’s better and stronger once mixed with an other clay, such as Fimo. The brown color is very pretty too, but gets darker once baked.Sorry that the photos do not do justice to Adele.

Thanks for watching!



Work in progress of Adele

Hello to you all! On tonight’s post, I will continue with the work in progress of Adele! Yes that’s the name of my next doll and yes, I’m a big fan of the talented British singer Adele and I love her name! My doll Adele is a continuity of my previous work: making a doll sketch, building a solid wire armature and under armature, molding and mixing polymer clay and than molding the doll in stages: one layer of clay, bake it and let it cool down, before putting another layer of clay. But, what is different with this doll, I am planing to mold her with high heels, something that I have never done before! I was a bit concerned of the solidity of her ankles, but thanks to my new love and saver  in doll making: Apoxie clay! I knew, right from the beginning it was the right medium for me to use  and since the doll is tall, I wanted to be reassured! More details of Adele in a few days! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!


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My next doll preview!

Hi everybody! Here is a sneak preview of my next doll made in Kato polyclay! More details and photos of her on tomorrow’s post! Stay tuned!



Glòria is now done!

Hello everybody! I hope that you had a wonderful Easter and spent a great time with your love ones! During that weekend, I finally finished taking photos of Glòria and she’s now done! Her wig is made of high quality human hair and she has brown handmade glass made by me. I did not make something serious with her outfit, it’s just a simple tunic dress made in a taupe color polyester chiffon fabric and sequins were added to finish the look. Her shoes are made from apoxie clay and have sparkly rhinestones encrusted into them. Speaking of apoxie, I believe that I found the magical material to mold and fabricate my future figurative dolls and I would like to thank Ana Salvador from Dragonfly Works for sharing her doll making techniques on NIADA . I consider Glòria as a modern bohemian with a free spirit attitude. Do not be surprised if my next posts are related to the different fashion photos I made of her. Stay tuned!



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Front lace wig

Hello to all of you! Before I continue with this post ,I would like to offer my sincere condolences to all the people from Brussels. After watching the horrible airport scene on television, I could not be insensible. This reminds me that we’re not safe anywhere, however we must be resilient face with situations out of our control. In my own opinion, we must live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest. Now, I am leaving you with more photos of my Glòria and more of her this coming weekend! Best regards!

Marie Georghy Jacob



Glòria’s front lace wig!

Happy Sunday evening art doll lovers! My Glòria front lace wig is finally finished! Actually, I’ve been working and learning on how to make this kind of wig for a while now…almost two years now! Many of you might be asking yourselves what a front lace wig is? A lace wig is simply hair which is ventilated one by one on top of lace mesh fabric, it’s than glued in front of the person’s front head. Once the front lace wig is glued, it gives the impression that the hair is actually naturally rooted onto the person wearing the wig. This type of wig is truly loved and appreciated by many celebrities, such as, Oprah, Beyoncé and Jessica Simpson , but also by people with cancer. Even though, it takes me two days to make, not including hair styling it, I love the natural finish that it gives.

Glòria before wigging!

Hello! Here are more photos of Glòria before she is wigged and for which I will go in more details during the weekend. Enjoy!



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