Good morning! Here is Jane, she’s made from Prosculpt polymer clay. Prosculpt was developed by doll maker Jack Johnston for sculpting art dolls or figure dolls. It is sold in 1 pound (454 gr) block and is available only in four flesh tones: baby, fairy, Caucasian and ethnic brown. This polymer does not require a lot of kneading. This helps to reduce plaques, moons and air pockets which can sometimes be trapped in clay kneaded for long periods. I find this clay too soft if I work a lot with it, but not that oily as Living Doll. However, what I do love with this clay, is this translucent, flesh-like color, closer to natural flesh tones than most polymer clay. The disadvantage of this clay is that it is a bit expensive ($20 per block in Canadian dollar without taxes) and must be ordered online. Although, I have heard good things of this clay from well known doll artists and makers, such as Mark Denis, Patricia Rose and Renata Jansen. More photos of Jane will be presented tomorrow.

Thank you

Marie Georghy Jacob




Iris part 3

Hello to you all! I going to make short and sweet, tonight, I’m showing more photos of Iris and tomorrow it will be the first part of Brielle, my second doll from the year 2013. Thanks you so much for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob






Good evening everyone! I present to you my first doll from 2013, Iris. She was sculpted in early January of that year and was created in a mix of Living Doll (light flesh) and Premo clay (frost). I have to admit, I was scared to use Living Doll for the second time, since I did not have a good experience with this clay with a previous doll (Nezha). But, I did the mistake to buy too much of this clay and since I do not like waist, I decided to give it a second go around for future dolls. However, it had to be mixed with more firmer clay, such as Fimo Puppen or Fimo Classic. Iris was great to sculpted. She took a whole week end to make and has crystal hand made eyes. More photos of her tomorrow.

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Marie Georghy Jacob







Human Anatomy

Hello everyone! It’s feels good to be back after few days off and I would like to take a minute to thank all of you, the 104 people who like Atelier Miss Georgia Facebook’s page! It has truly touch me. Look for more post this week!

Aleisha painted & wigged in early September 2012


Now, it’s time to get back to my doll journey! By the end of summer 2012, after finishing Aleisha, I’ve came across  that something didn’t work or was missing with my previous dolls. I didn’t know what it was…but after looking very carefully at my ”previous ladies”, I right away saw the problem: human anatomy. Because of my fashion background, I knew the human silhouette and had a basic knowledge of molding sculptures, but didn’t understand the human anatomy. At that time, I didn’t understand what was under the skin: the skeleton, the muscles, etc. So after discovering that problem, I took one month hiatus to learn and to understand the human body. As a perfectionist, It was the right thing for me to do.

This book is pure magic very simple to read and the images are incredible and very detailed.






Thanks you all!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Katherine Dewey’s book

Good evening! When I’ve started to sculpted dolls in early 2012, I’ve made a lot research on how many doll artist have started to make their own dolls. Back than, I felt a little like a homeless and I didn’t have any connections or a mentor to help me out. However, one day by reading Doll Reader magazine, there was an advertising on a book called CREATING LIFELIKE FIGURINES In Polymer clay by Katherine Dewey. I was hooked and by magic, I didn’t feel alone anymore. I’ve decided to by this book on Amazon as a Christmas gift in December 2011 and read it half a dozen times before I’ve started to mold anything. This book is easy to read and to fallow for every beginners, especially if you’re interested in polymer clay.






PS: I’m taking four days off for a short holiday. My next post will be on Monday July 6th. Till than love to you all and I’ll see you on my next post.


Marie Georghy Jacob

The Making of Clara

Good afternoon everybody here is my first doll Clara! I remember the day when I’ve fished her and that was in early April 2012! The feeling of making and finish her was one the greatest joy in my life!



AMG-DSC04004My beautiful Clara Unpainted

The Making of Clara

First Polymer Clay Body Sculpt

This picture shows my very first attempt with polymer clay conditioning with Fimo Classic (dark flesh). I have to be honest that the process was a very hard one…especially for my hands. They were so tired at the end! It took me more than four hours to do it! But over all I like this clay.