This doll will last for generations as long you play and handle her carefully. For better doll preservation, please read the instructions bellow.
-Carefully move the doll’s body parts especially the head and bust without forcing them
-Gently bend the shoulders, thighs, elbows, kneens, hands and feet in the direction of their slits
-If you want the doll to stand up straight, ALWAYS put her on her stand
-To protect both fingers and toes, dress and undress her gently
-Brush and wash her wig
-Clean her smoothly with water and dish liquid by using a clean towel
-Holding her roughly
-Putting the doll into water
-Moving, pulling or forcing the joints out of their sockets: it loosens the springs
-Droping  the doll on a hard surface
-Leaving the doll standing up straight with NO stand
A free repair service is available, but only for hands and feet and up to 3 other body parts. The customer will only be charge for the shipping.
Due to the precious materials used, these OOAK items are final and cannot be returned. The dolls have been carefully verified and they past the quality standards.