Heartbreak…with Adele!

Hi everyone! I didn’t know how to start this post, in fact, I decided to take my time to write something, because I am a little heartbroken with my doll Adele! Some of you who are following me via Tweeter or Facebook have probably noticed a huge crack on top of Adele’s right leg! It looks horrible! What happen? I think it happen while I was making her wig. You see, the way I sculpted Adele’s legs are different: the right knee is bent and which makes that leg vulnerable in terms of manipulation. I don’t know if I would have used another firmer polymer clay, like Cernit or Fimo, I would have experienced the same type of problem! Anyways, I have fixed her leg with…Apoxie clay. Personally, aesthetically, it doesn’t look pretty.To be honest, it’s the only thing that I see when I look at her now! I will paint that upper leg and changed half of the design process and I will get back to you with more updates of Adele’s working progress. Thanks everybody!


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