A few words for happiness

Hello! Many people in my entourage keep asking  me why am I making dolls and for what for and especially at my age, I’m 39 years old by the way. There is a few good reasons why and they are especially related to both my artistic and fashion expressions, but I will get to this with more details one day. But for now, the only thing  I can deeply say is that making dolls makes simply…happy. We are all seeking for happiness in our lives and that is why in the next two weeks, I will post a few words for happiness. Along with these words of happiness, more photos of my young gypsy, Glòria, will be featured.

“The secret to happiness is happiness itself. Wherever we are, anytime, we have the capacity to enjoy the sunshine. The presence of each other and the wonder of our breathing.”

Thich Nhat Nanh 

Zen Master, spiritual leader, poet and peace activist, revered around the world for his powerful teachings and bestselling writings http://www.thich-nhat-hanh.fr/

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3 thoughts on “A few words for happiness

    1. Hi Beads Academy! There was a time in my life, I was a bit lost, I wont go in details, but one thing for sure that I do know: I was born happy! Both of my parents are happy persons…and it’s reminds me that no matter what happen in my life, I try to list three happy or positive moments each day and writing them in my note book. At the end, like you said, it “feeds” my creative process in a sens.

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      1. I consider that in life we can choose to be happy and concentrating on the daily positive events is just like that: choosing to look on the bright side! I think it’s a very good idea to see the little positive moments and be grateful for them!


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