Agnès & Polymer Clay

Happy Sunday doll lovers! On yesterday’s post, I mentioned the polymer clay used was Cernit and on her stomach it was a darker…well this was due to fact that I decided to used Fimo Classic chocolate. Normally, I sculpt my dolls each part separate, which I find easier for symmetry. I’m a huge fan of both labels (Cernit & Fimo), their qualities go beyond my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, they are hard to work with and it takes me more than one day to both moisturize and mix them… At the end, I can’t barely feel my hands, but the end result is worth all the work. Also, Cernit Nougat unbaked tends to look more like a green chocolate brown, which at first looks a little bit unrealistic. Despite that, I needed to wait and see the doll once baked and cooled down, just to give it a try. All my worries were gone after seeing Agnes’s skin color, it look so real and closer to general black skin tone, a deep milk chocolate easy to paint!


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