Haulani name meaning!


Happy Sunday to you all! There she is my beautiful Haulani and yes, she’s not naked! This doll was inspired by the lovely and colorful paintings of one my favorite painters in the late ninetieth century, Paul Gauguin (1848-1903). This French post impressionist painter was mainly inspired by is travels from Polynesia and Tahiti, where he wanted to radically escape all superficial civilization. Most of his paintings, during that time, were inspired by gorgeous and sensual pacific women. Also, his paintings were influence by the tropical and exuberant environment of these two countries.

Speaking of Tahiti, Haulani’s name is originally from there. Haulani’s name has various significations, depending on the country. For an example, for Hawaïns, it means royal ruler or royalty. Haulani is friendly, loyal, sociable, adaptable and very versatile. She does things with enthusiasm and is a natural entertainer.

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