2016 Doll resolutions!

Good evening everyone! Can you all believe it 2015 is already behind us! That year has past by very fast and many beautiful things happened to me during that year. Of course, one of them was to open my blog/website dedicated to my ooak dolls! Let’s say that It was my birthday gift! The beginning was a bit stressful, but an exciting one! For a first year, I never thought I would be posting that much, 156 posts actually! Of course, I’m looking to do a bit more in 2016, but differently!

First, I have to prioritize my presence much more on Social Media and for that, I need to affiliate Atelier Miss Georgia with people who both understand and share my true vision. Atelier Miss Georgia is more than just ooak fashion art dolls. It is a magical fantasy world dedicated to the chic and free spirit Bohemian! A world full of colors, textures, glitz and with a sensual touch! In a future post, I will explain and elaborate more in dept that Bohemian world! For now, I would suggest that you follow me and discover my Bohemian fantasy world on my Pinterest page https://www.pinterest.com/amgeorgia/ !

Secondly, though there are still two more dolls from last year that I did not show, I decided not to put too much photos of my work in progress on my Flickr page and use it for artistic doll and textile photos only. The next post will be presented, in a few days, with one of the last two dolls, with a few pictures taken with my old camera!

Thirdly, in all Social Medias that exist, Facebook is my favorite one! I will also try to be more aggressive with my Google + page too! However, I have good news for people who have a Twitter account, I now have my own! Yeh! I will try to tweet everyday, just as much as on my Facebook page! If you’re interested to follow me on Twitter, here is the link  https://www.twitter.com/AMG_Doll

Next, like many great bloggers, I have few doll resolutions for 2016! Here they are:

-Having more followers on my WordPress page and of course, in all my different Social Media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Flickr)

-Be more active on other peoples WordPress pages and Social Media

-Showing more doll designs and textiles

-Improving my Technics in both dolls making and textiles

-Taking more calculated risks in my doll making

-Building a awesome and practical online shop

-Selling my first dolls

Finally, as a final word, I would love to give a warm thank you to all of the 1 814 likes in Atelier Miss Georgia Facebook page and the 124 followers of the Marie Georghy Jacob Facebook page. Another thank you goes to all followers in Pinterest, Flickr’s, Google + and of course to the WordPress community! Thank you so much to all of you, since none of this would have happen without your sincere encouragements and wishing that 2016 be much more exciting! To all of you, I wish you once again, a Happy New Year 2016 full of love and pure joy!

PS: I’m leaving you with a sneak preview of my two last dolls created last year, in 2015!

Best Regards

Marie Georghy Jacob

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