Lovely Lerato!

Good evening to you all! As you may have seen, I normally post late at night, though I try to post more during the day, It is just impossible for the moment. I work part time and also go to college during the day and during the weekend I study and do homework. I know what your probably thinking and asking yourself, how do I take time to make dolls? Well, I made a very tight schedule where I can practice and make dolls: 5 hours are reserved for sculpting body parts (heads, hands and feet) during weekdays and 12 hours during the weekend to make a complete doll.Though it takes a full month to complete her or in other words, it takes me between 35 and 45 hours to make a complete naked doll and her outfit takes nearly the same time. Now, it’s time to introduce you to my lovely Lerato. This South African name means “love” in Sotho.This optimistic name, also means someone who has been given vision to be able to organize others and to hold positions of responsibility with poise and self-confidence. Lerato is also a person who has the ability to express her thoughts and ideas, who’s friendly, likable, generous, enjoys fun and laughter. She’s also devoted to art, music, drama, or to any forms of art expression. My lovely Lerato came to life last April and is made in a mix of polymer clay: Cernit, Prosculpt and Living Doll and stands 18 inches tall (45,6 cm). More pictures of her will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob










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