Old Memories

Hi everybody! Where does time go…we are already in November and it reminds us to be and to take time with people we love! Speaking of time, it makes me realize that old memories resurface!  Twenty one years ago, in Art class, I made this heavy ceramic statuette. All students had for mission to create a piece inspired by the relationship between humans and animals. My choice stops with this young teenager and her cat. Since this time, this young lady lost her feet and the cat one ear…My mom love this piece so much that she displayed it in her living room for a while and this until I moved out. When I look at her now, she looks a bit creepy, but who knew years later I would ended up sculpting and making dolls! Seriously, life is made of full surprises! Before I leave you guys, just to remind you, especially to all members of IADR (International Art Doll Registry), I have added a new album of my 2014 dolls. Enjoy my friends and good night!

Marie Georghy Jacob







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