Meet the blossom Maly!

Good evening my doll friends! After a week following New York Spring/Summer 2016 fashion week, I was pleased with many shows that I saw live on . I especially loved  what I saw, of course, at Mara Hoffman, but also at Anna Sui, Custo Barcelona, Dennis Basso and Monique Lhuillier. They all work with great textiles, strong looks, lovely colors and lots of femininity mostly with flowers, whether they were printed, embroidered or beaded. As you can see, I’m not too much for big labels, though I love a few of them and now it is time for me to get back to dolls! Speaking of flowers, meet the blossom Maly. Though, this name sounds like Mally, which origin is Latin and means “sweet”, my version is Cambodian. Maly, which you pronounce, ma-hlee, meaning flower blossom in Cambodian and its origin is from Khmer majority. Khemer people are  a predominant ethnic group in Cambodia, accounting for approximately 90% of its population.  Their civilization mainly flourished between 800 to 1370 and they were known for their remarkable architecture. Also, like most of the meanings of Cambodian names, they are generally very simple and reference positive attributes, Maly’s is no exception. She is calm, smiling even if an inner drama touches her, she doesn’t like to bother those around her and keeps her problems to herself. Her attitude is stable and fairly easy to live with. She is also very intuitive and trustful. As a final word, this doll was entirely made in Living doll clay (beige), yes I said it, Living Doll! Tonight, I won’t explain what happened next with this clay, once baked, because I think you all have a tiny idea…and I prefer to keep it for my next post. Though this clay makes me nervous every time I use it, I had to try it for the beige color flesh and to compare it with other polymer clay beige colors: Prosculpt, Fimo Puppen and Fimo Soft. She stands 18 ½” (47 cm) , has handmade brown glass eyes and was the last doll created in 2014 (November). Thanks for watching my dear friends and more photos of Maly will be featured this weekend.

Best regards

Marie Georghy Jacob











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