Mara Hoffman (Spring / Summer 2016 Show) | New York Fashion Week

I am taking a small brake from doll this week to enjoy and post few fashion from New York fashion week (Spring/Summer 2016).  This post is dedicated to Mara Hoffman, one of my favorite fashion designers. Mara always use ethnic designs and inspirations on her creations. All her fashion are very calm, cozy and free spirit. This collection from her was a pure delight for the soul. I love all pieces,  the were not only beautiful but peaceful and the colors nicely chosen too.Thanks to all doll fanatics for watching. I will see you soon with more fashion art dolls by the end of the week.

Source: Mara Hoffman Replay (Spring / Summer 2016 Show) | New York Fashion Week

_UMB1456_426x639  _UMB1414_426x639

_UMB1395_426x639  _UMB1653_426x639

_UMB1685_426x639  _UMB1715_426x639

_UMB1618_426x639  _UMB1798_426x639

_UMB2102_426x639  _UMB2162_426x639

_UMB2216_426x639  _UMB2193_426x639

_UMB2128_426x639  _UMB2075_426x639

_UMB1893_426x639  _UMB1959_426x639

_UMB1989_426x639  _UMB1919_426x639

_UMB1768_426x639  _UMB1822_426x639

_UMB2350_426x639  _UMB2287_426x639

_UMB2596_426x639  _UMB2537_426x639

_UMB2506_426x639  _UMB2048_426x639

_UMB2020_426x639  _UMB1592_426x639

_UMB1530_426x639  _UMB1554_426x639

_UMB1509_426x639  _UMB2472_426x639

_UMB2437_426x639  _UMB2406_426x639

_UMB2624_426x639  _UMB2645_426x639

_UMB2680_426x639  _UMB2846_426x639

All photos are  from British Vogue 2015