Good evening everyone! How are all of you feeling tonight? On my part I feel good, however for  this post, I didn’t know If I needed to present my next doll…simply because she was a pain to create and yes this is do to the clay that I used at that time, a mix of Living Doll and Prosculpt. Like I explained in previous posts, Living Doll clay is more fragile, not holding as much flexibility as some other polymer clay. Also, it becomes soft and malleable too quickly, which I do not like at all. Moonies and so do cracks tend to be a problem if you are not at ease with your sculpting process. For these reasons, I had to blend this clay once again with Prosculpt and Fimo Classic, my favorite clay up to now. Anyways, this is Rachelle, my second doll created from last year. Like all my previous dolls, her blue crystal eyes are handmade by me and her wig is made with synthetic hair. Painting Rachelle was also a challenge and her blushing, in my opinion, did not turned right, it was too “pink“. Meanwhile, I think It would not have been fair, on my part, not to show her…she is part of my ”evolution” on my doll making journey and deserves the right to be seen and appreciated…

Thanks everyone!

Marie Georghy Jacob









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