Good afternoon! What a beautiful Saturday it is sunny here in Montreal. There are a few clouds and the weather is just perfect for early August, 25 degrees (70 Fahrenheit). Before I talk about Georgia, I just want to let all of you know that Atelier Miss Georgia is now on Flickr! On that page, I will only promote the behind scenes on making my one of a kind fashion art dolls, maybe other photos like sketches will be featured, but I will see what will be happening in the future. Here is the link to my Flickr page  or go directly to my website and click the FLICKR button on Atelier Miss Georgia’s home page at . Now, It is time to present Georgia my last doll created in December 2013. Just like Betty, she is also made of Living Doll polymer clay but I decided to add 56 grams of Fimo Classic caramel. I think that was the right thing for me to do because she turned out more solid than Betty sculpt. By discovering that, I knew Fimo Classic was the perfect clay to mix with Living Doll to give it more strength! Like all my previous dolls, Georgia has beautiful handmade blue crystal eyes, stands 18 inches tall (46 cm) and her wig is made of human hair that I curled.Thanks again everyone for your support! I will see you on my next post!

Marie Georghy Jacob














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