Happy Friday! After four days off on my blog, let me introduce you to AnaÏs, my forth doll from 2013. She came to life in late May of that year and the polymer clay I used was Fimo Puppen (Beige). I was already amazed with both Fimo Classic and Fimo Soft for their firm aspect once baked, that I wasn’t worried with Fimo Puppen no matter the end result and I was right! though, It needs to be mixed with another color to achieve a more natural looking flesh tone. It was easy to knead, blend and was fairly unbreakable after it was baked. For those reasons, I was over the moon with this clay and I purchased two other colors (rose and porcelain), which I will show you in future dolls. More photos of her tomorrow!

Thank you

Marie Georghy Jacob








Hand made doll eyes in Preciosia crystal

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