Good morning! Here is Jane, she’s made from Prosculpt polymer clay. Prosculpt was developed by doll maker Jack Johnston for sculpting art dolls or figure dolls. It is sold in 1 pound (454 gr) block and is available only in four flesh tones: baby, fairy, Caucasian and ethnic brown. This polymer does not require a lot of kneading. This helps to reduce plaques, moons and air pockets which can sometimes be trapped in clay kneaded for long periods. I find this clay too soft if I work a lot with it, but not that oily as Living Doll. However, what I do love with this clay, is this translucent, flesh-like color, closer to natural flesh tones than most polymer clay. The disadvantage of this clay is that it is a bit expensive ($20 per block in Canadian dollar without taxes) and must be ordered online. Although, I have heard good things of this clay from well known doll artists and makers, such as Mark Denis, Patricia Rose and Renata Jansen. More photos of Jane will be presented tomorrow.

Thank you

Marie Georghy Jacob



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