Good evening everyone! I present to you my first doll from 2013, Iris. She was sculpted in early January of that year and was created in a mix of Living Doll (light flesh) and Premo clay (frost). I have to admit, I was scared to use Living Doll for the second time, since I did not have a good experience with this clay with a previous doll (Nezha). But, I did the mistake to buy too much of this clay and since I do not like waist, I decided to give it a second go aroundĀ for future dolls. However, itĀ had to be mixed with more firmer clay, such as Fimo Puppen or Fimo Classic. Iris was great to sculpted. She took a whole week end to make and has crystal hand made eyes. More photos of her tomorrow.

Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob