Nezha part 1

Hello everyone! May I present you Nezha! She was created in late November 2012. She’s made in 1 ½ pound of Living Doll Baby, 1/8 of Prosculpt Ethnic brown and her glass eyes are handmade by me. To be honest, I love the skin tone of this doll and her lovely face, however I am truly disappointed with this polymer clay mix: it wasn’t though enough as I would  like to be and little cracks were made around her feet and ankle. I was so sad to discover this problem…problem that I didn’t’ have with Fimo Classic. The saddest part of this story, is that I purchased all the color available from Living Doll (Terracotta, light flesh and beige) for other dolls, may I say lots of dolls and which I’ll show you on future posts. Tomorrow, I will present more photos of Nezha painted and wigged.

See you tomorrow


Marie Georghy Jacob



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