Hi everyone! My third doll was Ally and was created in august 2012. She’s kind of different from my two previous dolls I’ve made. Ally was made in Fimo Soft and not Fimo Classic. I must confess that I was a bit disappointed with this doll for various reasons. But first of all, I like her height; she’s one inch taller than Clara & Sophie: 19 inches (48 cm) and her flesh peach skin color was great to blush.

The main problem that I have with this doll was the clay itself. Fimo Soft is different from Fimo Classic and easier to work with and I taught the end result would be the same but I was mistaken. Fimo soft didn’t support very well the strong wire armature of the doll. Also, the under armature was created with air drying clay which I was using for the first time.  So it made the armature way to heavy for the clay to support and it made a small crack in her left shoulder.

Anyway, I’ve decided to finish her and made a second head which I’m not showing. For final word, one thing was sure from that moment, I’ve decided to invest and test all polymer clay brands that were available in the market the following months.

AMG-DSC05590 AMG-DSC05589

AMG-DSC04406 AMG-DSC04405

AMG-DSC04384 AMG-DSC04346

Thanks and see you on my next post


Marie Georghy

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