Who am I and why dolls?

Bonjour! I’m Marie Georghy, I’m a fashion doll artist and I’ve been making dolls since back mid-January 2012. But, before that, in 2008 actually, I’ve been collecting and making outfits for few fashion dolls, such as Ellowyne Wilde and American Model (Tonner Doll Company).

This idea came to me very naturally. By the end of 2011, I discover one thing, that making outfits for my collectible dolls wasn’t enough. I felt my true style or sorry to say that, but my true self wasn’t there! Also, from that, many frustrations came along!

At the beginning, the idea of making a doll was just a challenge one, but I have to admit, that I was a bit afraid to start, because I simply didn’t know where to begin! However, since I’ve been following the doll industry and community since 2004, by reading lots of  doll magazines such as Doll Reader, Haute doll and Barbie Bazaar, I’ve came across that many doll artists had started making dolls very slowly by teaching by them self!  Most of them have started with different mediums such as cloth, paper clay or polymer clay. On my part, I’ve chose polymer clay, cause from day one, I knew I would made ethnic dolls or dolls from different ethnic backgrounds. So I gave myself a try, I bought sculpting books and few polymer clay (Living and Cernit) and I was ready to start.

So this website, it’s sort of my journey on how it all began for me, from day one, as a doll artist! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Marie Georghy

Dolls heads from 2013 sculpting by Marie Georghy Jacob for Atelier Miss Georgia
Dolls heads from 2013 sculpting by Marie Georghy Jacob for Atelier Miss Georgia

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